Author Topic: NO Top/Front/Side/Hero shots when direct import from Rhino (Keyshot  (Read 5474 times)

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Offline cgreg

In Rhino, when I go to render via the toolbar (Plugins>Keyshot>Render) it takes me directly to Keyshot and places my data into the default stage. However, the only camera views available are "last active, default, top view, front"

When I open Keyshot from the desktop, and then import my data (a 3dm Rhino file) I get a different set of views: "hero, front, right, back, top, left".

My question- can we get a fix so that exporting directly from Rhino lets us have the full set of views? ("hero, front, right, back, top, left")

I'm using KeyShot 1.9.54 commercial license.