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Started by zerebrush, January 30, 2014, 01:31:03 AM

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there are some issues with obj import into KS:

Because any obj file that gets imported into KS only gives the diffuse channel, I had a look at the mtl file and Mat folder of one example object (simple primitive with diffuse, transparency, bump, normal map, specularity).

With the definition of the mtl file format being the next thing to a standard, there is a certain form/syntax for the instructions inside the mtl file.

OK, for my test object all the visuals had been noted, the Mat folder carried every channel present with a suiting texture.

After import into KS, the model came in with the diffuse channel only.
So I changed the visuals of the test object to its "default" form - the one of the application that did the export. So this object in KS had diffuse, transparency, bump, specularity (no normal map, obviously).

Then I exported this object to obj format and opened up the mtl file that KS did at export.
And, although the object had been corrected, the mtl from KS only carried "instructions" for diffuse and specularity.

My question here - why define a standard for reading/writing a mtl file, when this will be ignored at import and export to obj file format?

(To double check the issue I did the same kind of test (import/export/read the mtl file) with some other applications capable of handling the obj file format, and: there had been some differences how the test object had been handled - but KS had been the worse case here.)


I know this is not exactly the answer but using FBX as exchange file format will resolve those issues. I think all major 3D apps support FBX, except ZBrush unfortunately...