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Re: Remove Material
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Besides, Thomas is about two feet taller!  Scary thought.  Me thinks "Academy Award".  Oh ya, they already have a bunch of those.
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Re: Remove Material
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Jeez guys. Thank you. I'm blushing. Just glad to be of service.

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Re: Remove Material
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Further to the above dicussion....
Both method of using Advanced Material or using Glass still do keep the OPACITY of the object when rendering as PNG. Any solutions to this.

See the .png files attached
Opacity includes opacity of background object which should have been transparent for maximum usability for compositing label in photoshop/etc

IMAGE 1 : with Lighting Environment background
IMAGE 2 : with Solid Colour Environment background
IMAGE 3 : with Backplane Image Environment background

I am looking for a solution where the HL Label is rendered on a completely transparent background