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Started by Speedster, January 09, 2014, 06:29:49 AM

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Hi all;

I'm quoting a museum project, and I need help with the drivers. See image below. The exhibit is for three 1/4 Scale vintage race cars like the Miller 91 I've posted here before.  But they need the drivers (figures), in this case there are two per car, typical of the era, a major root canal in SolidWorks!  They would be only from the waist up, no legs, etc., as that would not show.

They would be modeled actual size, to fit my car models, with the driver's hands on the wheel.  The two figures could be identical, with one driver and one mechanic. Perhaps the head would be separate to allow final posing.  As they will have leather helmets and goggles (over the eyes) they do not have to be highly detailed, but must have sharp and clean definition.  They must be in a format for Rapid Prototyping, likely in ABS using the FDM process.  Ideally they would be in a format compatible with SolidWorks, like SolidWorks, IGES, Parasolid or STL.

Can anyone help on this?  It's a "paying" job!

If so, please PM me with thoughts and an estimate.

Bill G


Hi Bill, are you after photo realism for the two figures? This is something very do-able in daz studio and zbrush, but takes an age to get beyond that 'waxy' skin look. I often put people in my shots, essentially as props to backup the products, but then find myself spending so much more time on these 'props' than I do on the actual main focus. Just a heads up on the possibility of loosing loads of man-hours.

Good luck with your project.


No, actually we need physical geometry to create printed (in ABS) Rapid Prototypes that will be cleaned up, painted and installed in models of the race cars.  These for a museum exhibit installation depicting the history of motor sports.
Bill G


Bill, not sure how much time you're willing to spend yourself on this, but maybe this could be of interest:

It's free software that lets you generate human forms under CC0 licence. There is also clothing plugins available and maybe you already have the helmet and goggles etc.



quite impossible to create human figures in solidworks. So far only one who has come close is a russian guy called Sean Owl he visits the solidworks forum page and sometimes posts some of his human reliefs. try looking him up


Bill, came upon this looking for something else. Not sure what you ended up doing, but this is the place you want to go, and they work great within SolidWorks


Thanks, Josh!  That's what we used, with some Bondo tweaks on the builds to make them correct.  These are excellent figures.

And this kind of sculpture is why I'm trying to learn Zbrush.  Whew- tough app!

Bill G