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I'm busy with an aquaponics system for classrooms. I was happy with my model until I started to render. I'm a bit lost in getting a acceptable image of my model. That's why I want to ask you guys for some advice.

The first problem is the transparency from my fishtank. I know that I have to intersect the two bodies from transparant plastic to liquid. But still than I'm having this blurry effect. Can I scale my body centrally in Keyshot? While I'm scaling, it Always scales to one of the sides from the model.

The next one is about my interface. I'm trying to make LED's realistic. I tryed emmisive material and the new lights from keyshot4, but non of them are really working for me. I'm sure I'm doing something terrible wrong. It's a material without anything after. So the solid should give a blue or green light.

I posted some renders and the .bip from my model.

Thanks in advance!!

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