How can I find the Name/Path of a texture, or bump map

Started by Robb63, September 14, 2010, 02:15:46 PM

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Every now and again I need to know what texture I am using in a material.
If I hover my mouse over the thumbnail of the environment map it shows me the path, and file name.
If I do this to the textures/bump map it doesn't and I don't see any other way to find out the texture name.

Am I missing something? It wouldn't surprise me if I was, just wondering.



You are right, Robb. This is missing right now. We will get this fixed.



Super, Thomas!  It's really difficult when you use one texture for a material, and another for the bump, and then can't figure out what it was.
Bill G


I know ... I just entered the bug in the database ;-)