KeyShot 5 no Zproject file support

Started by kevn5, June 09, 2014, 03:08:55 AM

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Hello there,
I have tried to import a number of files using the new Zproject import function and can not get it to work. Even attempting to import the default sphere and cube ZBrush project files does not work. Has anyone hand any luck with this.

The message is that the file does not contain 3d geometry and that I may need to export polygonal data from my modelling system. The same message in either the import model or open scene dialogue windows.


P.S: Spec are : Win 7 64 bit, KeyShot 5 64 bit, 16gigs ram, no anti-virus or firewall on test machine.


Correct - there is no support for direct import of Z-Project data from ZBrush in KeyShot 5.


Thanks for your reply Thomas. When I saw the zpr format listed I assumed that it was ZBrush. Do you know the name of the other program using a zpr extension and what would be the work flow form ZBrush to KeyShot?
Not very familiar with KeyShot, does it allow you to subdivided a mesh with any edge control?

Thanks again.


ZPR is a 3D print format for Z-Corp printers, now part of 3DSystems.

Right now, the best way to get your meshes out of ZBrush is via OBJ. We are working on a tighter integration. You don't subdivide a mesh in KeyShot - it is all done inside the modeling software.


Thomas, thanks again. That makes sense. I am afraid that I thought that the import option in the new version was the ZBrush integration.I will take a closer looks at the material stack in KeyShot. If there are displacement and normal maps available then it may be doable to render our ZB scenes in Keyshot by exporting the different objs and reassembling them there. I am just a little worried about getting huge highrez objs into Keyshot.

Best Regards

P.S: Will the ZBrush integration be part of Rev 5 or will one  purchase an upgrade?


Unfortunately I can't give you any more details on the integration, but it will work with your existing version of KeyShot 5. Trust me, it is well worth the wait ;-)

Large poly meshes inside KeyShot are not a problem. And the performance has been tweaked in KeyShot 5 so it works even faster. As long as you have the RAM size doesn't matter.


There you go Kevn, feast your eyes on this from the beta testing for KS5,8026.0.html

Keep reading the thread for the 100 Billion poly bomb shell by Rex



Thanks to you both for the links and info.I gather that Pixologics is developing the plugin and I will just wait for that release I suppose, while learning the keys shot shader stack.