KS 5 and SolidWorks tessellation

Started by Xidor, June 04, 2014, 10:38:54 AM

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I was very interested in the recent postings that the new KS 5 will handle the import of SolidWorks data and the tessellation problem.

So I tried it. I have a SolidWorks 2012 file that has a part with a hole that was made by a circle that was extrude cut into the part. Then a ring that goes inside that hole. The ring was made by a profile that was revolved. The extrude cut hole is very crude looking when I get close up to it. Its only 6mm in diameter. Without going into the red zone, I have my file set to the highest image quality. So that 6mm hole has many flat spots. The ring that was revolved however actually looks pretty good. Though still it has some flat lines that form the curve.

When I brought the file into Keyshot 5, I used the default settings for a SolidWorks assembly file. The hole didn't improve in quality, still has the flat spots.

I wasn't expecting magic. So I'm guessing there is a limit to what the importing of SolidWorks files can do? I did try the nurbs import button too on a second try and I got the same results.

I'm doing another model that is not work related and it's got some larger revolves. About 6" diameter with about a .06" diameter circle that is doing a revolved cut into the larger revolve. In KS 4, the revolve cut on that part looked bad. I adjusted the cut size a little and that helped. I haven't imported the file into KS 5 yet as I don't have KS 5 on my home machine yet. Waiting on a serial code. So I hope that part looks better.

Any insights on this problem for KS 5? Thanks!