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Network Rendering - Losing speed of the slaves
« on: June 16, 2014, 06:56:34 am »
Hi, i hope this is the correct place to ask this question otherwise sorry i am just very new to the forum.

Today i tried the network rendering function for an animation that i had to make, but i've noticed that the performance of my render Slaves dropped quite a bit in comparison to the Master PC.

Just for the information this is my setup:

The Master:
Intel i7 920 2.6ghz (8 cores)
12GB Ram 1600
256 SSD HD (Primary disc)
GTX 760 2048MB

The Slaves: (2x)
AMD  FX8350 4.0ghz (8 cores)
8GB Ram 1600
200GB HD 7200RPM
ATI HD3000 (onboard)

A direct connected high speed switch

Okay, correct me if i am wrong but for network rendering it only use the CPU for calculation right? So the onboard GPU is not the bottleneck. I also use this setup for rendering with V-ray and as far as i can't notice the AMD's are faster than the intel pc. For the animation i made the Intel (master) was almost twice as fast as the amd's (slaves).

Hope you guys maybe know why this could happen? is it a memory thing? or did i do something wrong? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Network Rendering - Losing speed of the slaves
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2014, 03:16:03 pm »
Please send a request to obtain the latest Network Rendering build to our support team.  You may reach them at [email protected]