Reflections not being saved correctly?

Started by mikejb, July 29, 2014, 08:19:02 AM

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Newbie alert!

I have a single model imported into Keyshot 5, and I've also added a backplate image. In the environment tab, I have ground shadows and ground reflections ticked. In Keyshot, everything looks great, however if I render and export using 'include alpha (transparency), the reflections are barely visible. Is there a correct way to export the render of just the model, shadows, and reflections without including the backplate image?


it's the same. I'll assume you're opening it in photoshop.
Create a black layer and put it behind your render.

You can actually recover the rest of the rendered image as well from the transparent area.
Use: Layer > Layer Mask > From Transparency
It will add a mask to your layer from the transparency. Now shift click on the mask to turn it off. It should look the same as it did in Keyshot.

Your reflection is a transparent value. You're seeing it that way now, which is why it look like it's less. When it's on top of the background, you get Both values, so it naturally looks stronger. Seeing a reflection on black will look stronger than seeing it on white as well. Keep that in mind. You can't actually put a realistic reflection on a 100% white surface. That's why renders always look fake when people put reflections on 100% white in post. If you blow out your white floor, you'll only see reflection where there is shadow.


Many thanks for your info, Andy. I'll try your suggestions as soon as I get home from work.




You can also just set your background to black in KeyShot so your reflection and shadow will be more prominent.