3ds max help needed - UV Mapping

Started by mmmster3d, September 07, 2014, 04:47:05 PM

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I need some help UV mapping in 3ds max - specifically I am trying to get some carbon fiber weaves going very certain directions.  I would like to pay someone to do it and would like to offer to pay more if they screen record their process, if no one's willing to do that that's fine I really just need this done.

Please contact me for more information :)


can part of the process include Rhino5? Max's projection methods still kind of suck, so unless you modeled it well in the first place, then it is extremely time consuming and tedious.

I'll give away my secret in short. You have a complex model that sucks to unwrap. So make a much more simple model around it. Bring those both into Rhino 5. Select your more complex part and take the mapping from the more simple object. Why Max doesn't have that option is beyond me. I talked to the engineers and they said most people do it the other way around, which is probably true if you create all your content yourself. But even if you make it yourself, hard surface models are always more difficult to deal with UV's.