What should we call our work?

Started by Speedster, October 13, 2014, 10:23:37 AM

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Hi all;

This might start an interesting discussion-  What the heck should we call the work we do with CAD and KeyShot? Frankly, I'm not sure.

I ask because I just finished a book cover (posted on Amazing Shots) and the publisher contacted me to ask what he should call my image in the credits. 

As many of us are getting into complex imaging and more of a Fine Arts approach, I think it's a valid question.  I know that, generally in our industry, it's known as CGI, or Computer Generated Images.  But that's also the generic term used for the whole range of medical imaging, from x-rays and electron microscopy, to cat scans and MRI's.  And it's also a very technical sounding term that's not very sexy to publishers and gallery owners.

Digital Arts comes to mind, but is that really descriptive?

Anyway, mull this over and let's see what we may come up with!

Bill G

Esben Oxholm




•Digital Imaging by...
•Digital Imagery by...
•Digital Artwork by...
•Visuals by...
•3D Modelling & Rendering by...
•3D Visualization by...
•3D Viz by...
•Eye Candy by...

i'm sure more might pop into my head over the evening


Actually, for my own marketing and customer relations I call it "Rapid Visualization", or RV.  But that's good for clients and not for art...

I like the "Digital Artwork by..."!

Bill G


I think we should refer to it as 'magic'...

Perhaps because of the deep artistry, skill and technical wizardry that's required ;)



Realistic Digital 3D Visualization Designer & Renderer, or in short form, RD3DVD&R




LOL, thats catchy!! You should be in the ad slogan game!

I think "Digital Artwork by..." is my preferred terminology (it suggests both technical AND artistic abilities)

QuoteI think we should refer to it as 'magic'...

lol, or "Visual Sorcery by..."