Vaz 2107 - Natig Aghayev

Started by Defonten, October 23, 2014, 09:59:09 AM

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This is one of my old models which I made quite a long time ago in Softimage XSI. And now that the new Keyshot 5.0 is out - I thought it would be great fun to play with it again! Hope you'll like it ;)


Surfaces are great, you need some extra ambience to pull that detail out more, choose a different HDR or, add a plane or two and set them to be ambient diffuse light types and place them where you want/need



Thanks for the advice! Yep, definitely worth a try.


Ahhhh, the Lada Riva! A classic.

Really nice model - i think you could get a lot more out out of it! I think you need to reduce the size of the metal flakes in the paint. I would love to have a play with this if you feel like sharing the model? (sorry, cheeky of me, I know)

Thanks for sharing, it brought back memories of my childhood in the back of one of these, back in the days when seat belts didn't exist and drivers could still legally drink about 4 pints of beer before driving us kids home. Really, its a miracle that I made it to adulthood. It brought back memories of all the old schoolyard Lada jokes too - what do you call a convertible Lada?...



Yes it was going for the export under the name Riva :) There are still lots of them on a post-soviet union parts of the world and their drivers are usually the worst and the most dangerous ones in terms of other people's safety.

P.S. Sorry can't share it ;)


no problem, just thought id ask.

Work on the renders! its a nice model of a 'nice' car.