CONTEST: Automotive Technical art using KeyShot.

Started by Doug Didia, November 02, 2014, 06:31:30 AM

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Doug Didia

Hi All,

Ok, this is kind of a different category of work but still related to automotive visualization as well.
Been in the art biz for many years but just introduced to KeyShot 4 a couple years ago.

Cutaways, phantom views, ghosted reveals, tech them what you want it's a part of what clients always need and request often in the automotive world. The fast region renders allow me to fly through parts with amazing options and control. KeyShot can produce quick results that before took painful and precious hours out of deadlines. Post work is photoshop with some layer masks and it's off to the finish line with ease.


Esben Oxholm


You know how I feel about these type of
Some of the best I've seen.
The truck is top notch.
My eyes feel like they are ready to explode !!!
Thanks for sharing good luck.



Always a visual treat when i see these kind of renders :)


Supersnake Lx

Wow, those are the king of work that inspire new artists like myself! :) Amazing!