CONTEST: Automotive art using KeyShot.

Started by Doug Didia, November 02, 2014, 05:49:54 AM

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Doug Didia

Hi All,

First Post. Introduced to KeyShot 4 a couple years ago. Still have a ton to learn but the software is fast and user-friendly. Post work in photoshop.
Thanks for letting me share,


Welcome Doug,
I'm surprised it took you so long.  ;)
These are some amazing images ! Great mood, and execution.
Very inspirational.
They are keepers in my book.


Nice work Doug!
Love the different feels and color palettes.
You gotz skillz   ;)


Syed Adil

Please can you post the KSP files for these, including model light and backplates. please

Doug Didia

Doug Didia

Here is a breakdown of the "Work Hard_Play dirty" image. The most important jump I need in every job is to find or create a backplate to suit my assignment. Sometimes combining separate elements I can build and control the mood for an environment. First KeyShot render attempt with mud splatters, the second with a dirt layer texture overall adding warm and cool lights for mood. Post in photoshop. Hope this helps.



Thanks for the breakdown, it's great to see that workflow in detail!! The combination of your two different backplate elements was a surprise, I thought it was one image :D Awesome work!!!

Doug Didia

Thanks Richard,

Included a couple more examples of my type of workflow. When I get an idea to create an image, the odds of finding that perfect backplate is always impossible. I don't know how to model them or build 3D sets like some folks do. I gather puzzle pieces to build the story. Sometimes I get a little crazy combining too much stuff but it's always a fun discovery process. KeyShot just feeds into that insanity. LOL.



It's always a pleasure seeing how you break down your images. It's quite amazing really. From the first day working with you, you have inspired me. Now don't show all your secrets at
Thanks for sharing.


Doug - Great renders.  I would never have guessed those backgrounds were composites of several pieces.

Please host a KS webinar on background construction!

Ed Ferguson

Doug Didia

Thanks Tim and Ed for you kind words.

Tim... I never heard of you or KeyShot 2 years ago. I always considered myself a 2D artist and an average retoucher at best. Your patience and ability to teach others with your knowledge and talents is what has helped me along into the 3D world. So I think I owe you at least a cold beer or two. LOL. "Thank you." !!
Ed...Thanks but don't know the first thing about hosting a webinar. I am not even sure I would be any good at it. It's always instinctive for me to break it down into these basic steps.

1. What's your deadline and end result you want. Aspect ratio/size, resolution, customer reference, variations, bleed..and work backwards from there.
2. Import a model ( don't even need to materialize it yet) and establish a flattering camera angle FIRST that needs client approval. Soap car look or ambient occlusion is fine.
3. Once you get that under control it dictates your environment "perspective". This is the wide end of the creative funnel. Have fun imagining the best case scenario/Brand appropriate look.
4. Gather high res. puzzle pieces stitched together in photoshop to create the look you want. Follow your perspective guidelines to add the realistic drama you want. Import as a backplate.

Esben Oxholm

Really nice renderings!
I also like the way you photobash your backplates. That's something I will do in the future. Thanks for the inspiration!


I love learning what the artists workflow consists of. It's this kind of knowledge that is priceless. Thank you so much for sharing!


I figure it's worth asking someone on here judging by the calibre of the work.......I searched how to make ambient occlusion passes in Keyshot and saw the only video it's seems that exists, it's a watch and the guy instructs you to create a pure white HDR in photoshop. First off I think the latest version of photoshop works differently than what is in the video as I can't for the life of me figure out how to export the image. So I need help there for sure, and what format is that Keyshot would recognize?