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Delaharod Coupe

Started by Speedster, November 02, 2014, 03:51:28 AM

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Modeled in SolidWorks after the classic 1936 Delahey Type 135 Cabriolet, but as a retro rod coupe. I used my traditional "Product Table Top" ground plane, from the "old days" of product photography.  It's a very versatile plane, and responsive to many lighting rigs.  The material, interestingly, is the same "Bronze Curvature" I used on the rims and trim.

6,837,975 polys.  Runs at 20 fps on 32 cores, which is very slow and the result of the heavily tweaked Dark Umber Metallic Paint.  Dome is the "Light Tent open 4-2k, with four added pins, two in a dark golden red.

Wish I had the $$$ to build her!

Bill G


Nice piece once again.
Love the background also !!!
It's a keeper


I like it a lot! In fact several of these old 20's/30's roadsters being posted lately (your old miller and the chap who posted the big Mercedez SS roadster) are inspiring me to model something - I'm not sure what, just going wherever it takes me. Ill see if I can get something posted before the deadline.

I feel like one or two of your surfaces could do with and extra degree of continuity (G3 or higher) just to get that 'syrupy smoooth' feel (I mainly see it in the front wing/wheel arch, and in the roof corner above the wind shield). It might just be the matt paint job accentuating these though.

Have you considered 'hot-rodding' this baby up?



Nope, Ed- the fenders have a hiccup in the surfacing, and I hoped nobody would notice it! Looks really awful in high gloss.  Anybody who uses SolidWorks knows surfacing can really suck.  In this case I used all standard feature tools, not the whole kit of surfacing tools.  It's the Variable Radius that's causing the problem.  Not worth fixing at this point.

This is the "hot rod"!  A very sedate one to be truthful, as I did not want to take a $5,000,000 classic and turn it into an $80,000 hot rod!  A Hellcat motor would be in order!

Bill G