McLaren MP4/8 (1993)

Started by luizfrma, November 10, 2014, 09:00:45 AM

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This is my own model from McLaren MP4/8 (1993) for the contest.
Rendered in Keyshot, and post edited with Photoshop.
Hope you guys enjoy it!


I like it  :D

We should see more F1 3D renders I think.


Beautiful job, I like that the tires have some buildup on them!

I'll have to build and render a Williams to give this some competition!   :D


This is beautiful! I love your tyre textures. Nice model, nice materials, nice render (would like to see a profile shot too). My only criticism is that I can see a tiny bit of tessellation here and there. If its a nurbs model try 'nurbs mode'.... its amazing for closeups! (but hella slow).

Nice job


I love those tires !!!! Very nice/clean images. Presentation is great. Less is more.
It's a keeper


Whole thing looks great, but the tires really help.