Where is the "instance" command?

Started by NormanHadley, November 18, 2014, 05:31:11 AM

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Hi folks

Sorry if this is a dozy question. I've had a job dropped on me to render a massive assembly from Creo 2.0 (by "massive", I mean the BIP weighs in at 20GB). It's completely unhandleable in KS5.1 but the Creo assembly has lots of linear patterns in.

So I thought it would be easy to delete the patterns in Creo (check) reimport to KS (now <4GB, check) and pattern or "instance" in KS. But the "Instance" menu just isn't there when I right-click on parts and assemblies in the model tree.


Aha. It has to have a group made for it first. I'll leave this up because I'm unlikely to be the only person wrestling with this.