Import to current scene issues (KS5)

Started by kbova41188, December 11, 2014, 12:21:17 PM

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Dear #Thomas and all,
I am sorry, I found out the reason...
The measurement of this imported part was too small to see.
Only after I scaled it up to 1000 (!) - there, it was...
From other CAD programms, I usually see such small things, because of the selected highlight.
Maybe it helps other Keyshot beginners.
Thank you.


I've also this problem.
At this time, the only issue i found is to add a new geometry (cube, cylinder, etc...) with the menu Edit > add geometry, and after that when i do File > Import, i can see and use : Add to scene.


Hi guys,
I'm having issues importing parts to an existing scene.  However if it's a fresh scene, the parts import no problem, but this forces me to import a new assembly and re-apply materials and textures which has been an efficiency killer.  I attempted to upload a screen capture video of the glitch on the contact page, but it seemingly timed out... or maybe it went through.   

Thanks for your time,


You can create a 'materials template' from the initial assembly. As long as the part names remain the same you can then apply this to the newly imported assembly/scene. Should save you some time.