Author Topic: Wrap a 3d solid in a paint scheme.  (Read 1954 times)

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Wrap a 3d solid in a paint scheme.
« on: January 03, 2015, 04:31:08 am »

My name is Remy, 26 years and I live in Holland. I know how to work in Soldiworks a little bit. Did also do some things with Inventor and next to that just a little photoshop.

Now I have something completly different and I dont know how to start so I really apreciate if someone can help me.

I have drawed a complete Model airplane in solidworks. I will build it out of foam but for this model I also want to order a hydrofilm in featherprint to cover the complete model in a feather print.

Because the featherprint need to match exactly with the shape of the foam it's important for me to have the film 100% good, so that the feathers will match the shape of the foam.

I have all the views from the model. I have some photos of the feather prints. I want to match the featherprint with the model in 1:1 dimensions.
I discovered how to put a photo instead of texture in Keyshot and to shift it, but how do you edit the photo etc. Then, there is a second thing:

Then, if i have the completly model covered in a featherprint to see how it looks like then I want to be able to remove the featherprint so that it's my "stencil" . I will send this stencil to the factory so that the can make some prints. When I receive the prints, it's just an 1 on 1 fit.

I need this more often in the future so therefore i'm trying to find a way to simply do this. I will keep in mind that you need a really big photo for a 140cm wing to have it still sharp, but that's a second thing.

Thanks you very much for all the help. Any help would be greatly apreciated.

(ps, the wingspan of the model is 140cm or 55")

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Re: Wrap a 3d solid in a paint scheme.
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