Update geometry option creating duplicate parts

Started by Justin Desilva, January 06, 2015, 04:07:11 AM

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Justin Desilva

SolidWorks 2013 Service Pack 5
KeyShot 5.1.66

When importing SolidWorks models and selecting the update geometry option the imported parts/layers are duplicated.

- Uninstalled and reinstalled KeyShot 5.1.66 but error still occurs.
- The update feature does work with Rhino 5.

Justin Desilva

KeyShot support solved the problem >

"When you import solidworks files into KeyShot you have two options under the Geometry section in the KeyShot Import window: New Importer (Beta) enabled and New Importer (Beta) disabled. The reason you are seeing duplicate geometry is because your first import used our old importer (New Importer (Beta) disabled). I would try to keep the New Importer enabled at all times (specially during the first import). That should take care of this issue."