How to properly zoom in on a single object

Started by swschultz, February 03, 2015, 08:54:02 PM

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I would like to be able to zoom in on a specific object in a scene, and have the object fill my screen, and have it NOT change the angle or orientation of the object AT ALL. Attached are a few images showing the situation. The first image is the original scene. What I would like to do is zoom in on the sink and faucet, have it fill the screen, and not change the angle or orientation. I know the ALT-scrollwheel allows me to zoom in. That's great. This maintains the same angle and orientation on all objects. This can be seen in the second image. The problem lies in the sink and faucet not being the center of the world when I zoom in, so zooming moves it off to the right as shown. I also know that I can select a "Look at" point. Herein lies the problem - in selecting a "Look at" point and picking on the sink, this centers the sink in the screen in preparation for zooming in, but at the same time the angle and orientation that I'm looking at the sink from has changed. I am no longer looking down into the sink as much and the reflection of the faucet on the sink has obviously changed as well. This can be seen in the third image.

So how do I zoom in on this sink so it fills the screen and maintain seeing the sink EXACTLY from the same angle and orientation?

Thank up front for all input.


Is your model made up of individual Faces? It may be that selecting Look At in the view sets the point on a Face so it gets centered in the view. Try RMB clicking on the model name in the Scene Tab and selecting Look At from the pop-up menu there.