NEWBIE - rotating model issues

Started by whcraft, February 02, 2015, 04:24:12 AM

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Just got full version and starting first project.  The problem I am having is rotating the model to get the view I want.  I am  accustomed to the way I can rotate the model in Creo but it's not working here.  Is there a way to rotate the model as in Creo or use the views that were saved with the model in Creo?  I understand there will be a learning curve so any help that can be provided will be greatly appreciated.


Hi whcraft,

Welcome to KeyShot! Are you aware of the free plugin available for Creo? You can download it here:

When sending your data to KeyShot using the plugin you will find all your saved Orientations from Creo in the camera list.

Something else that may help is setting the "Look at" point which is similar to "Spin Center" in Creo. You can find the function under "Position and Orientation" in the camera tab of the project window or you can just use the hotkey Alt + Ctrl + RMB. This will set the point you specify as kind of the spin center/focal point of your camera in KeyShot.

Let me know how this works for you!



Rex,  thanks for the info.  I know of the plug-in but have not gotten it yet.  I did discover the basic orientations and camera settings in the camera tab in the project window.  I just need to futz with the program a lot more.  I will be getting the plug-in.  The other thing I really need to learn is how to show cross-sections for when I do installation/instruction manuals.  But, that will be a question for another day.