Keyshot for Zbrush Scene units/scale

Started by ghostweeble, February 19, 2015, 08:10:59 AM

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I've been enjoying the Keyshot bridge the past few weeks. I had a question about how scene scale is handled in Keyshot for Zbrush. Could you briefly explain what is going on 'behind the hood', and perhaps discuss best practices to maintain 'real world' scales for lighting and texturing?

As I understand it now, Zbrush models open up in Keyshot with the scene units listed as "Unknown" in the Scene tab. I would think that Keyshot must be internally processing at a certain scale (meters?), even if the scene units are undefined. Can you explain?

I realize that you can 'Set Scene Unit' under Edit, but I'm wondering how/if this affects the scale of textures in keyshot and the behavior of physical lights, etc.




Correct - if the units are set to UNKNOWN then KeyShot assumes meters. You can change the units under the edit tab, and it will certainly affect your physical lights. Simply give it a try and see what units work best for you.


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the quick reply. Great, that's what I needed to know Undefined/Meters it is for me!