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Title: KS7 + KS7 Network Render
Post by: DMerz III on September 01, 2017, 12:04:22 pm
 :) Just got into Keyshot 7 and the new Network rendering today, very very pleased with some of these updates. (I feel like Luxion has listened to some of our ideas) and while we need to adapt our workflow, we need to do so because Keyshot 7 has made great strides in giving us the right flexibility in the right areas. Especially with the studios option, great great improvement on scenesets, which I swore off because they got over complicated very quickly. I love the fact I can pick and choose my environment/camera/models and mix and match stuff.

Our workflow is going to work harder for us, and it's only been day 1.

The other improvement for me and my team personally, has been the added features and enhancements to the Network rendering software. I don't know if we were the only ones who ran two different masters in order to pick and choose where our renders went, but the new setup where the manager allows you to pool cores together, that is wonderful. Very very thankful for this. Great job guys, and thank you for listening!  8)