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Title: KS7 contest
Post by: Reggie on October 21, 2017, 05:38:13 am
   First off credit goes to Juramir Alves for uploading the file extreme-bobber to GrabCad were i used the engine/trans, tyers/wheels, seat and headlight. The rest of the model was done by me in Rhino 5. it started out as an idea I was trying to explain to my Harley friends about the frame which they couldn't understand. I was in the middle of modeling this when I started rendering in NXT. Rendering is still new to me and NXT looks good but it's what I call a bit cartoonish. I've tried (Trial Versions) all the most popular rendering software but never could even get started, there interface and learning curve are too difficult to figure out. I remember trying Keyshot 6 last year on another model and it looked great . I have to say Keyshot is the easiest to use and best looking results I've found.
    The model started out with the idea that only the wheels would be neon-yellow but after seeing the new anodized colors in KS7 that changed to highlights also. I edited an anodized color to a yellow and applied a anodized Black to the spokes and valve cover bolts. The frame is Metallic Black Candy and looks great up-close.
I would have liked to have more time playing around with lighting, node editor and backgrounds as KS7 is rich with features but most of my time was spent finishing the model. Thank you for letting me use your software, It's not the best render it could be but to me it looks great.

Two new renders, Stock blue and yellow anodize