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Title: Pattern tool
Post by: mattjgerard on June 15, 2018, 10:30:39 am
Here are just a couple notes about the pattern tool and its behavior-

1) Not necessary to nest each clone into its own group. makes for a messy scene tree. Create all the clones as neighbors of the original. Now it places them down at the bottom of the scene tree in its own group of grouped groups.

2) Allow cloning to happen at any level of the scene tree.

3) Allow cloning (patterning) without being nested in a group

4) Create a handle on the clones in the live view window to allow interactive movement and sizing of the clone group. EX- in a linear clone pattern, place a handle on the first clone (original) to allow moving the clone group into place, and place a handle on the last clone to allow another way to adjust the spacing. drag that handle to place the last clone in place and allow the others to distribute themselves between. Very handy

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