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Title: automatic camera matching
Post by: andy.engelkemier on June 17, 2019, 12:32:01 pm
I usually hate the word Automatic, but this one can actually work, for the most part. It probably doesn't quite work if the lens is too wide angle, but people probably won't be taking pictures with a go pro.

Have the user print out an image at a specific size, then tell keyshot the size used.
You can have several preset sizes for different applications, but otherwise just have the user input how many centimeters the marker is printed.

So include the marker in the scene and just tell keyshot to find it. Given that it is known to be planar, and the size, you can calculate the perspective and scale.
So, one click camera matching.
You can either photoshop the marker out, and take two shots for your backplate with and without it.

You can already match camera angles pretty well just by putting a cube of some sort in your scene, then using perspective match, but that doesn't set scale and position for you.  You still have to be sure your product is in the right place. The camera position always seems a bit odd, so there's sometimes still a bit of work to do.

It would also be killer to be able to add additional "product" markers to create position and rotation from, for properly positioning your cad model. Another thing I'm just doing by eye.