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Title: Cylindrical Mapping Issue
Post by: jjeconomaki on January 16, 2012, 02:05:59 PM
I have been having difficulty with Cylindrical Mapping since the beginning of December-and my last post (after re-reading) could have been more professional for which I apologize.

Today I had an online meeting with Brian Townsend on this issue and am thankful for the opportunity to share my struggles. Brian soon discovered the problems were real and suggested that I not use cylindrical mapping until version 3.1 is released.

The issue: KeyShot does not know where the center of the cylinder resides and it is up to the user, through trial and error to find the center.  Brian replicated the task of mapping micrometer graduations 360 degrees around a cylindrical ring and basically gave up after 35 minutes.  The quote I liked best:  "I can't imagine a user doing this."

In addition, because this part is small, he also experienced how difficult it is to manipulate a texture/label in small increments with the Gripper--that too was a huge source of frustration--and it is next to impossible in orthographic projection because of a scaling bug in the software. Don't use orthographic projection when needing to move textures/labels on small parts--the gripper scales off the screen.

In a perverse way, I enjoyed watching him struggle--only because I now know I am not crazy--I think.

Anyway, thanks Brian, and I can't wait for 3.1.