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Title: Royal Black Watch
Post by: Speedster on May 06, 2012, 10:19:21 am
I see "Black Watch" is a popular theme!  Here's my take on the "Royal Black Watch", as an hommage to my English and Scotts roots, as well as abject pandering to some Brits I know.  Yes, it's the Black Watch tartan.  My clan is Douglass with a very boring tartan.

FYI- In 1976, the Combined Black Watch and Royal Dragoons Bands toured the United States during our American Bicentennial.  It was their first time on US soil since they fought in the Revolutionary War in 1776.  Geri and I were fortunate to get tickets for their performance in Los Angeles.  When the lights went out and thay started marching in, some 200 strong, with drums, pipes and fife, some on horseback, you would not even believe the skree that went up from the huge audience- it shook the whole building!  A "skree" is, shall we say, a highly nationalistic REALLY LOUD SHOUTOUT!

Going on vacation, so this is my last "shot" at it.  This has been a fun and challenging exercise, with a lot of great creativity from all of us.  May the "Best Watch Win"!

Bill G
Title: Re: Royal Black Watch
Post by: CAClark on May 06, 2012, 02:37:54 pm
The tartan is a bit loud, but nice over all colour scheme.

Title: Re: Royal Black Watch
Post by: Speedster on May 06, 2012, 05:12:58 pm
I agree, but the red Black Watch tartan actually is a bit garrish.  They also used a really dark green/blue, which was not in the color scheme I was after.  My Clan Douglass tartan is grey and soft green- kinda boring, but they are a powerful Clan.  They carried the heart of Braveheart, after his torture and execution, to the other Clans as proof. 
Bill G