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Title: Animation and camera bug in keyshot
Post by: c_abdulqadir on July 08, 2012, 02:10:15 am
hi to all,

I think there is some problem in keyshot regarding animation and other stuff related to camera.

My problem:

1. I animate a camera in keyshot not the object. save it and then close keyshot. when i reopen keyshot and scrub the animation bar, it doest not move in the main window. i have to change the camera in the project window. kind of refreshing the camera. this is my main problem. connected to it is my second problem

2. I do the fish eye in keyshot on the animated camera. when i reopen keyhot the fish eye is gone, it also disappears when i refresh the camera so that i can scrub to see the animation.

if anyone facing the same issue,

If someone has more info, please let me know.