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Title: Model Not Updating in KeyShot
Post by: degruch on November 10, 2012, 02:10:29 PM
Hi guys...weird problem to which I'm hoping there's a simple solution. I imported my SolidWorks assembly into KeyShot early in the piece, just to check my surfacing. Now I have finished my assembly, but when I import it into KeyShot I still get the original file!

Here's what I have tried:

Re-importing the file in KeyShot
Creating a new KeyShot project
Shutting down SolidWorks and KeyShot and starting all over again
Shutting down my computer and starting again 6 hours later

None of the above has made any difference.

There is only one file, so I'm not confusing it with an earlier version, and it is not an auto-backup file. I did, however, download KS 3.3 just before I started...possibly a mistake?

Can anyone shed some light on the possible fix? Please help...urgent  :o