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Title: Links and path map problems
Post by: sturzio on October 23, 2014, 07:05:02 am
Hi guys.

I storaged all my textures and HDRI in a Server, every file picks the textures from the server.
If i change the texture folder name, for xcample from "TEXTURE" to "TEXTURE_", the file will never found the images.
This is normal.... but what i don't understand is why i'm losing from the files the names of the links.
Using also other programs, usually it dosn't charge the texture but i can see the path of the map i have chosed. and later i will write the right link.

Finally if i'm changing the folder name, i 'll lose all the path and all the map informations, my files is completly empty.
Is it normal? is there anynoe could help me?