Author Topic: Materials not rendered correctly when applying to an imported model from Creo 3  (Read 5102 times)

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Offline tfboy

A bit of a strange one this. I've installed the plugin for Creo 3 so I can go straight from Creo to Keyshot allowing model changes to be reflected and updated in Keyshot. However, I've come across a strange issue where some materials don't appear correctly once they are applied to a part.

Brushed anodised aluminium doesn't appear correctly (more like a plain material than one with the brushed lines appearing). Now if I save the assembly in Creo then directly open it into Keyshot and apply the same material finish to the same part, it appears correctly.

Another strange thing: with the imported version, there's a line / change of shade just below the top hole.

The Creo model doesn't have any appearance applied to the part / surface before saving / importing into KS so I presume it's an issue with the plugin?

Offline tfboy

Strange, it was then happening pretty much all the time, not just when using the plugin.
I've reinstalled KS, and it looks OK now.

Offline tfboy

Spoke to soon, it's come back again and happens regardless of whether model is opened from Creo with plugin or directly in KS.
Updated to the latest version (5.2.10) and it's still happening.

Any ideas?

Offline tfboy

OK, I wonder if it's an issue with the actual Creo model.

If I bring in a KS sample, for example the camera model, I can apply a material and it's fine. If I then add my Creo model to it and then apply the same material, it doesn't look right (but the camera model is still fine).

Offline Chad Holton


Not sure what it may be. Would you be able to share the part with me? If so, please send to [email protected] to my attention.


Offline tfboy

Thanks Chad,
I've sent the support team an email marked for your attention.