Author Topic: Custom built to spec. Perhaps some horsepower upgrades?  (Read 2625 times)

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Custom built to spec. Perhaps some horsepower upgrades?
« on: April 14, 2015, 10:26:03 pm »
So hey again guys!

As of today we started focusing in my company in combining our knowledge of hardware and the passion of CGI.

After running most tests on the new Haswell-E class of Xeon's and I7's we started to think that perhaps we should go in another direction regarding our client base.
Instead of just doing servers and HTPC's for scientific purposes, we were thinking of actually running the rendering and modeling industry aswell.

So what's our plan in our company?

If you're running out of horsepower, and some components seriously need an upgrade in regards of time and performance downgrade, then here is the chance.

We at Network Tomorrow INC Located in Europe, Tallinn, Estonia are determined hardware engineers and integrators. We have enough knowledge from CPU's and every other component right to the last detail. Every one of our systems that has been built for the client goes through a certification period where everything is checked and re-checked and modified to give out the maximum horsepower witth the least amount of power needed.

We use SuperMicro components to integrate our systems, from cases to motherboards and power supplies to ensure maximum uptime and quality of components.

We are SuperMicro certified.

So we're offering you, to contact us for a pleasant communication in regards of your next Workstation. We normally don't reach out to people, but we also like to help you guys out without going through the hastle of sending parts everywhere. With every system there is a 2 year warranty that can be expanded.

Kind regards from Network Tomorrow.
Contact me directly for your next system build:

[email protected]