Vein model not seen under translucent skin material. why?

Started by davecardwell, October 27, 2010, 05:12:41 PM

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How come I can't get my 3d model of a vein to show up through the surface when I use the translucent material and a skin mesh? I would expect to see the shadow of the vein model when a light is behind my skin object and my vein mesh is just inside the skin model. No matter how high I turn up the translucency I can't see the vein.

Any ideas?



Not sure - this is a question for the scientist. Henrik?


It is correct that the translucent material will not show objects behind it. You may want to try a transparent material with surface roughness in this case.

-- Henrik


Ah! That explains why my polypropylene medical containers with green medicine are rendering opaque!!! Can I make a suggestion. Do you think we could have a series of Webinars or pdfs detailing how to create materials for commonly used product design needs such as:

1. Polypropylene containers - showing contents
2. Creating different types of liquids (from water to slush)
3. Speckled plastic (or plastic with additives to get a speckled effect)


Quote from: quigley on November 26, 2010, 06:11:43 AM
3. Speckled plastic (or plastic with additives to get a speckled effect)

You mean like a glass-filled nylon - I'd like that too..


The next webinar will focus on material creation. And for "milky plastics" you want to use the advanced material with the advanced settings shown, using Roughness Transmission. The translucent material won't get you there.