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Fresnel light

Started by MealeaYing, May 05, 2015, 04:36:30 AM

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I got curious about fresnel lenses and decided to make a fresnel light in ZBrush to see what it would do in a rendering engine.
Its very interesting as it turns out!
I seriously doubt that the lens is accurate, I was just seeing if I could make one, turned out to be easy and eventually I should make one that is physically accurate. At least  if I can figure out how!
I have found that KeyShot is FAR more fun if you make your own lights and get rid of those hdr images, all they are for me is a distraction. Creating everything from scratch is much more interesting and, since I am still learning what can be done, very educational.

Heres the .Bip file:

It looks like this:

And like this if you screw around a bit:

I hope this is useful to someone, it  was fun to make!