stained-glass window?

Started by Georg Malm, November 10, 2010, 08:34:28 AM

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Georg Malm

Do you if it possible to create material for stained-glass window in Keyshot 2?
Some transparency is important for me.

Brian Townsend

Hi, I think your best results will be achieved by creating the individual panes for the stained glass and working on each pane or groups of panes that have the same color.  Here is an example image and scene I created.  What I suggest is use the 'Advanced' material with 'Specular Transmission' to add transparency.  Then to add cloudiness to the glass, slightly increase 'roughness transmission' to a value of around .02.  I have included a 'normal map' that will add some waviness to the glass.

Take a look at the attached scene file and material settings and if you have any questions, please let me know.  You might also watch the tutorial on the 'advanced material' to help you understand what the settings are.

Georg Malm

Thanx for answering Brian Townsend.
I want to have a material for a (semi)transparent akryl plate with a print(look at attached picture) on it.
Material should casts color shadows and have reflections. No bumping and separating lines. That is all.
Do u think it possible?



Try Glass material with Label using "UV coordinates" as Projection type!

You must enable "Detailed indirect illumination",
also "Ground indirect illumination" if you want colored shadow
on the default/built-in ground of KeyShot.

Enjoy it :)

Georg Malm

Thanx Kyosen! That was really awsome.

P.S. Did somebody know the reason why my all materials become black?


Change the lighting and hit refresh materials in the material tab. This render the materials under the given lighting conditions.