How long does it take to get a good rendering?

Started by JST, September 13, 2015, 04:53:16 PM

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I let this kitchen rendering go for hours, and I still have a lot of things that make it only barely usable.

The sink is horrible, all just a mess of dots, and that never improves.  It is, and the other serious problem areas are, light brushed stainless.  The stove shows a number of areas of white dots instead of highlights,  the hood is as crude as the sink, and the microwave unit is likewise pretty crude. 

I have groups of white dots on the surfaces of the cabinets, also. They are glossy white, not stainless, obviously.

In other views, I had the highlights on other shiny materials turn out to be just rectangular white regions.  Didn't look particularly good, and that was material that was behind glass, so the light went through glass to reach the part, and the reflection came out through glass. 

Some areas and materials are pretty decent, but there really seems to be a special problem with rendering  the brushed stainless material, and I do not know what to do about it.  The result is just not Keyshot quality.

The surface never looks brushed, to me, but rather looks almost sandblasted.... nubbly, does not have the linear pattern of brushed stainless.

Lighting is a typical solution, but of course lighting is fixed, lights are where they are and what they are.

Machine is a Dell laptop, same one I use for CAD, win 7 dual processor, blah, blah.blah..... Version is the latest version 5, just recently downloaded.  Cad system is Geomagic Design, this is the Keyshot version that is packaged with G-D.



What are your current render settings? lighting looks too overpowered


it is, mostly because the lighting keeps brightening over time as it renders.  It is all via actual internal lights (can lights and undercabinet) , and at that point was not optimized.

but the issue was never getting rid of the rough surfaces, such as  on brushed stainless faucets, and the persistent white dots.   Some was fixed by changing material to metllic paint with parameters set, but some never went away.  White dots seem to be a fact of life with Keyshot.

Will Gibbons

It would be much easier to give you some suggestions with more info. You said it keeps getting brighter over time... I recall having a similar experience myself last year. Can you attach a screen capture of the real-time view? Does the increasing brightness happen with 'max samples' output or 'max time'?

Also, I'm not sure if you've tried, but you didn't mention editing any of the materials parameters. To expect stock materials to be perfectly calibrated for every scene is unrealistic. You'll need to make some edits to improve your scene, specifically the brushed steel sink as well as with the lights.

What settings and material are you using for the physical lights. I think they can be turned down (unless they look good in your real time view)

As for the sink material, how many samples do you have it set to? With physical and more complex lighting and materials with more detailed/fine textures (such as a brushed metal), increasing samples seems to help.