changing colour of plastic

Started by Damian, November 25, 2010, 01:03:02 AM

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Hi There

I am evaluating Keyshot at the moment and am really impressed. I tend to design a lot of plastic products and need to be able to easily change colours of the plastic.

I have imported this CAD model of a peeler I have just designed for a client and would like to be able to choose the Lime and Strawberry colours out of the Apple colour picker to replace the black on the triangular chassis. Do I have to change all the defuse, specular etc settings to get the colour I need?




Damien (Design Elements?), the answer is yes and maybe not. Double click the part to edit the material, pick the colour in diffuse and watch it update in realtime, then tweak as needed. You can save regularly used materials to the library. It really depends on the part and material what you need to change.