Assigning different material properties to duplicate parts

Started by si, December 01, 2010, 01:38:39 AM

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I have imported a Solid Edge assembly that uses 4 of the same part. I want to assign different materials/textures to each recurrence of the part, but assigning a material to any 1 of them makes them all change to the same material. Is there a way to give each one a different material, or do I need to make duplicates of the parts with different file names in Solid Edge first?


I also use Solid Edge and have had to deal with this. Sometimes its a bother but sometimes
it really helps like when you want 50 screws to all be the same material. But you are right, you have
to save out copies of your part in Solid Edge with different file names, open each one and use part painter to give it a unique material. In the assembly replace the parts with the copies and then when imported to KeyShot it will allow what appears as the same part to have different materials.