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Network Rendering "retrying connection"
« on: December 03, 2015, 11:09:33 am »
Greetings all,

We just upgraded to Keyshot 6 and also updated to the Network Rendering 6 on the 9 machines we've designated for network rendering.  Of the 9 machines (7 Macs and 2 Windows 7), I am having trouble on two of them.  One is Windows 7 and the other is an iMac running 10.10.5.  If I open the slave tray, both have the "Set Cores" greyed out.  On the Windows machine, if I hover over it a message appears saying "Retrying connection..."

If I launch the Queue app on either of the computers, it will prompt me for to login, so I know it can find the master.   I am not seeing anything in an logs.  What else can I look for?  All the Mac's were upgraded in the same fashion via Apple Remote Desktop commands and the two Windows machines were upgraded manually using the same process.