Solidworks 2016 plugin "Render in Keyshot" not working

Started by belgmeister, January 13, 2016, 02:41:11 AM

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Dear Fellow Keyshotters,

I've recently upgraded to Solidworks 2016 and I'm having troubles getting the Solidworks Plugin to work correctly.
The "render in keyshot" button does not seem to work.
If I open Keyshot already and then click the "update in Keyhshot" it does send it with Live linking, but it doesn't do it properly.
Plugin is supposed to support SW 2016 right?

I reinstalled both Keyshot and the Plugin after the Solidworks update, but no succes.
Keyshot and Solidworks are both installed in their default directory.

Thanks in advance


No Solidworks Plug In success here either.

Consistent success with Solidworks 2014 and KS5, but with Solidworks 2016 and KS6... nothing doing. Click on "Render" from the Solidworks toolbar, KeyShot launches and sits, not even a hangup... just nothing.

Export from Solidworks to a BIP file has the same behavior.... nothing.

Reinstalled all software... same result.

Is this a known issue?