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Started by cartiusa, December 10, 2010, 04:48:11 PM

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I´m using Keyshot 2.1.20 whit an IGES file make it whit Alias Automotive 2010. I have both programs running in a MacBook Pro 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo whit 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 RAM memory.

When I try to import an IGES file that contains surfaces make it with REVOLVE tool (like the wheels) and opened with new importers (beta) activated I can see and work my beautiful new car model except all the surfaces make it using this tool.

I create a file just whit a revolve surface to make a prove and when I try to open it in Keyshot appears this message

"Users/balzak/Desktop/prove.iges" does not contain 3d geometry.
You may need to export polygonal data from your modeling system.
For additional help please contact

Thank in advances for your help


Why don't you use native import of Wire files?


Hi again,

I´m prove importing the wire file directly in keyshot2 whit new importers activated. The revolve surfaces appears but the material layer division that I do in Alias is imported like one only piece.

Then I deactivate new importers and import again the wire file and this time everything is ok except that the material division is not working properly because I need to assign the material for one singular part all the time, not for groups, and I need to expend a lot of time.

Thank for your help, is solve a big part of my problem  :)

Can I fix this new problems?



You have the option to import native wire files by layer or by shader. If the option is checked, you import by shader, if unchecked you will import by layer.



thanks a lot!!!, now all is working perfect.