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Can anyone explain why I cannot create an .avi or animation file. I have produced them before, but ever since upgrading to KS6 it seems like all I have produced is a bunch of still frame .jpg files. On the KS Queue it looks like it is 100% complete but never produced a video file. Anyone have a solution for this?

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Re: Animation Not Producing .avi File - Only Producing .jpg Files
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Hi MBecker,

I had the same inexplicable problem for my last job.

I had to do a ghetto work around where I imported the stills into Adobe After effects and then compiled the stills into an animation. For some reason, the timing was off (even though 24fps was selected across the board) and the resulting Adobe-compiled animations were slightly off in duration. This was a huge pain because Adobe vs. Keyshot video files are inconsistent in length.

Keyshot - please advise.