Any update on SW2011 support?

Started by quigley, January 02, 2011, 10:42:29 AM

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Just wondering when we will get SW2011 compatibility? I see that the likes of Maxwell Render 2.5 now support it so I assume the API issues have been addressed?

Robert V.

I think/hope that the keyshot team wants to have a few bugs fixed, before releasing another keyshot version.

You could export to STEP/IGES if the need is high...


Well you could export to IGES/STEP but I prefer to use the plug in. When you are churning out maybe 15 or 20 versions of a visual a day exporting and importing is just another step to take. Add to that issues with colouring up parts and so on.

The problem is I have projects stacking up that could really use the new features in 2011 and Keyshot is my preferred rendering solution, but as of now it is the bottleneck in my move to 2011. The truth is that one of the key benefits of Keyshot is its ability to open native format files. For me I'd put this well ahead of enhancements to some little used materials for example. I accept for others that may not be the case but there are a lot of SolidWorks users out there.


2.2 has SW2011 support. We are testing it right now before it is being released.

-- Henrik