Solidworks 2016 Model Import issues

Started by ghostrider, May 06, 2016, 04:10:00 AM

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We have recently upgraded from Solidworks 2015 -> 2016. Since the upgrade we have been having problems importing files into Keyshot 5. Thinking updating to to KS6 would fix the problem we have now updated to KS6. But we still have major issues.

I cannot open a SW2016 file from a network drive at all. It crashes KS.
If i copy all the files from Solidworks into my C drive, it will load incredibly slowly. But it gets there.
If i open an old SW2015 file, i have the same problem.
However if i turn on the 'Cached Geometry' option in KS import dialog and open a SW2015 file it loads immediately. Less than 3 seconds.
If it try the same with a SW2016 file, I get an error message. ...does not contain 3d geometry.

Does anyone have the same problem. I really want to get back to being able to import files in seconds rather than having to wait for 10s of minutes.