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Started by Konginchains, May 20, 2016, 08:29:36 AM

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The ultimate antihero is here. Meet Vigilante Soldier.
Inspired by the protagonists of Uncharted and Farcry comes my own version of the ultimate bad-ass.

I'm also selling this entire model for 50USD, and will include the ZTL file with all layers and subdivs intact containing the following,
- Anatomically detailed muscular man w/uvs (base mesh is game ready and bake of normal maps)
- marvelous designer+sculpted tank shirt w/uvs
- marvelous designer+sculpted cargo pants w/uvs
- BPR fibermesh(non converted to geo yet)
- cuban cigar
- radio
- dogtags necklace
- christian earring
- tattered rag cloth tied around arm
- military belt
- military harness
- 4 utility pouches
- Utility belt
- worn out boots
- gloves
- pack of cigarettes
- numerous leather velcro straps and
- Magnum bullets
- .500 Magnum
- gun and knife holster
- 2 grenades
- combat knife

Please email me at if you want it.


Excellent work - even down to the cauliflower ear, great eye for detail - This deserves to sell well and I wish you all the best with that :)