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Help with bugs in animations
« on: July 25, 2016, 04:30:23 am »
Im rotating a group of parts around a selected axis.  The first problem is that keyshot always puts the exis thtough the center, laying horizontal. Even if I have a cylinder standing up.  So i manually made a part in keyshot and replaced it and that worked. The exis now follows the cylinder.    Anyone having the same problem?

Problem two, is when i have done some animations and decide to duplicate for example the thing above. It looses the axis point or something becouse everthing starts to rotate in the wrong axis and wrong way. I can't fix it, even if i reset and reselect everything. Nut but if a make a new animation manually it ofc works.

problem three is simular to problem two. When I add a new animation in the middle of many animations. It make some animations bug out that comes after. They loose its axis and just starts doing wierd things.

Edit: it seems to work if i do press reset an reselect it. But its so many animations its takes for ever to get it right.

What happends? can anyone help me? Im tired of redoing everything manually everytimes keyshot decides to bug out.
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Re: Help with bugs in animations
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2016, 02:45:09 am »
Are you running KeyShot 6?

Can you provide a simple sample scene for issues #2 and #3?

As for your first issue:
If you select a pivot point object, then as long as 'original local' axis orientation and 'pivot point object axis' are enabled, KeyShot should always respect the local axes of the pivot point. If the rotation is initially around the wrong axis, try toggling between X, Y and Z for the axis direction.