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Getting Nodes In Order
« on: July 27, 2016, 02:45:06 pm »
Hey guys, I'm really stumped on this one! So I basically have a model with 4 nodes which are named the same... Ex:
+ fwa738-1200-b5-j
    + fwa738-1200-b5-j
    + fwa738-1200-b5-j
    + fwa738-1200-b5-j

When I use the line of code
Code: [Select]
for node in root.find(): to get all the nodes in the project, it always seems to get them in a different order... Sometimes it goes from top to bottom, sometimes the opposite way, but most of the time just randomly. This is extremely hard when trying to get an ordered list by node of the materials used on the layers. Is there a way so that each time that lie of code runs it will go from top to bottom, listing all the nodes?


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